About the Author

C.H. Harrison is a doctoral candidate in the Educational Leadership and Management Program at St. Thomas University and she currently teaches in the College of Education, at her local university. She has been teaching for over 15 years. She earned a M.S. in Communication degree from Northwestern University and a B.S. in Business Administration degree from the University of Maryland–University College. She resides with her family in the beautiful High Country of North Carolina. She is married with two children and shares her home with a fun-loving pack of Pomeranians, which is her inspiration for The Pom Tales Series.

From the Author:

My love for animals started when I was a young child and stems from a very long line of animal-lovers. My family always had a pet in the home and my grandparents lived on a farm that I visited quite often. As a child, I showed horses and assisted with chores on the farm. I remember helping my parents to nurse wild and stray animals back to health and I was the child who always brought home strays and left food outside, so no animal would go hungry. As a matter of fact, I still do this. I cannot imagine life without the love and compassion of our furry friends.

~ C.H. Harrison

corie - head w zip_EDITED


Why did you write the series and how are the books educational for children? I wrote The Pom Tales Series for a number of reasons. I wanted to express my love for this wonderful little breed, while at the same time help to raise money for canine charities. I also wanted to help children to learn to read (and like to read) through the adventures of the characters. Each story has a message to help build good character, whether it be always telling the truth, learning from one’s mistakes, or respecting police officers. Reading for meaning and learning is emphasized.


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