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Books are available wherever books are sold. Books ordered directly through the website will receive free shipping (U.S. only). We can ship internationally, but contact us for shipping cost. If you are an overseas customer, check with your local bookstore first as the books can be ordered for you. The books are also available on Amazon, and with Prime shipping is free. See links below for many ways to order the books and to support independent bookstores we work with. *20% of the proceeds is being donated to canine charities.

*Is the book going to be a gift? We can customize the book for you with a special message. Let us know what message you would like inside the book when placing the order.

A Pomeranian Christmas Surprise in North Carolina *(CHRISTMAS SPECIAL)*

SPECIAL OFFER: Sale until December 16th. Softcover book with Pom plush, a FREE tote bag, and special gift! Let us know whether you want the orange or the white Pom plush when ordering.


A Pomeranian Christmas Surprise in North Carolina *(CHRISTMAS SPECIAL)*

Hardcover book with Pom plush toy (with FREE totebag & special gift) until December 16th! Let us know which color (orange or white) at checkout. *Supplies are limited.


Holiday Fun Bundle *(CHRISTMAS SPECIAL)*

All (3) of the softcover books and (1) Pom plush (choose orange or white), with a FREE tote bag and special gift! *On sale until December 16th. Supplies are limited.


Thank Goodness for Police Officers! Theo Gets Lost *Special Christmas Pricing



Softcover – * Special Christmas Pricing!

Zip’s First Dog Show. Softcover books are cost effective.



Hardcover – Available Now!

Zip’s First Dog Show. Hardcover books last a long time and are quite rugged. These are best for on-the-go, active readers, and are recommended for classrooms. Hardcover books are what you would find in a library.




Softcover with Adorable Pom Plush Buddy Combo

(Softcover with adorable Pom plush). Choose either orange (like Zip) or white (Pom friend). Let us know which title you would like.



Hardcover with Adorable Pom Plush Buddy Combo

(hardcover, with Pom plush). Choose between orange (like Zip) or white (a Pom friend). Let us know which title you would like. Use the contact form below to make selection.



Adorable Pom Plush (Plush Only)

Already have the book or just in love with the adorable Pom plush? These make a great gift for children and Pommy mommies and daddies alike! You can purchase the plush by itself. Choose orange or white. Shipping is included if within the U.S. We can ship internationally, but please contact us for additional shipping cost.




The Tiny Bookstore, Pittsburgh, PA, https://tinybookspgh.com/

Sunrise Books, High Point, NC, https://sunrisebookshp.indielite.org/

Amazon U.S., https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B07MQP83DW

Barnes and Noble, https://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/%22C.H.%20Harrison%22;jsessionid=55187DD94857EAE8D11EA206E39468E0.prodny_store02-atgap02?Ntk=P_key_Contributor_List&Ns=P_Sales_Rank&Ntx=mode+matchall