Press/Media Kit


Press/Media inquiries are welcome and appreciated. 🙂 Please feel free to contact me for review copies, book information, Q&A with me/the author, events, and/or to schedule an interview. To ensure your inquiry is answered in a timely manner, be sure to include the following information with your request for interest: book’s title, and the name of the station, publication, or organization where you work, and what information you are interested in. Please understand I may not be able to fulfill all requests, but I will do my best. 

Charities/Donations – More Information:

I was deeply moved by the disastrous flooding in eastern NC in 2018, as well as in TX, FL, and other locations, so a portion of the proceeds is being donated to the American Kennel Club’s Canine Support and Relief Fund to rescue and reunite displaced pets. More information can be found here They provide emergency trailers for crews who are often first on scene and rescued a huge number of pets in all of these areas last year.

A donation was made to the Officer Down Memorial Fund to help support fallen K-9 officers and the second book in the series, Thank Goodness for Police Officers! Theo Gets Lost, is dedicated to all police officers, especially K-9’s. There is a memorial page in the back of the book. More information can be found here

The books are about the adventures of Pomeranians, so we also donate a portion of the proceeds to the American Pomeranian Club, for Pomeranian rescue and health research. More information can be found here

I also work with animal shelters and rescue organizations across the nation and have provided donations to various shelters and rescues.


Why did you write the series and how are the books educational for children? I wrote The Pom Tales Series for a number of reasons. I wanted to express my love for this wonderful little breed, while at the same time help to raise money for canine charities. I also wanted to help children to learn, and like, to read through the adventures of the characters. Each story has a message to help build good character, whether it be always telling the truth, learning from one’s mistakes, or respecting police officers. Reading for meaning and learning is emphasized.