ABOUT THE BOOKS: (available in hardcover, softcover, & ebook where books are sold; book/Pom plush combo available for ordering on the website, at select bookstores, and at special events)

The first book in the series is titled Zip’s First Dog Show, which is a story about a Pomeranian puppy who enters his first local dog show. This book is dedicated to our canine friends who give us unconditional love, bring us joy, and are always loyal companions. The genre is fiction, but it introduces, and educates, children about dog shows and a few different breeds. The story touches on a number of events. Meeting new friends, doing your best, and learning from mistakes is highlighted. Life Lesson: Everyone has embarrassing moments and makes mistakes. It is important to stay positive, learn from mistakes and keep trying, no matter what! Release Date: February 9, 2019; ISBN: 9781950028016 (hardcover) & 9781950028009 (softcover)

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Another book in the series is titled Thank Goodness for Police Officers! Theo Gets Lost. This story is dedicated to all Police Officers, especially K-9 Police Officers, who are our heroes. The story is about a Pomeranian that gets lost on his birthday, but his rescuers (Officer Brown and K-9 Officer Max, who is a German Shepherd Dog) show up to save the day…and his birthday surprise. Life Lesson: Police Officers are helpful community workers who keep us safe. Coming soon in 2019

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Sneaky Sasha is about a Pomeranian that loves playing with her best friend, a Labrador Retriever, but things go south when Koda wants to play in the river and she invites another friend, an Australian Shepherd, to join in. Sasha tells a lie that gets her into trouble. Life Lesson: Always tell the truth. Lying only brings more trouble and causes others to not trust you. Coming soon in 2019

In Pomeranian RV Fun, Pomeranians hit the road with family and friends in their human family’s trusty RV. They have new adventures traveling across the south and learn new life lessons along the way! Coming soon in 2019

A Pomeranian Christmas Surprise in North Carolina is a story about a pack of Pomeranians anxiously waiting for Christmas to arrive. They always get a new toy for Christmas. However, something is wrong with CiCi. What is wrong with CiCi? Why does she not want to go play outside in the snow? She has a Christmas surprise. Life Lesson: well, that is a surprise too. 🙂 Coming soon in 2019