The Pom Tales Series

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*Now Available!  20% of proceeds is being donated to canine charities. Thank you for your support! 🙂 

The Pom Tales copyright© Series are light, educational, age appropriate stories about the adventures of Pomeranians. They are not only entertaining, but they are designed to teach necessary life lessons and hold the attention of young readers.   

The main characters are Pomeranian dogs and the stories are about their adventures. The first book in the series, Zip’s First Dog Show, is about a Pomeranian puppy who has fun, meets new friends, and learns a valuable life lesson at his first dog show. He learns everyone has embarrassing moments and makes mistakes. It is important to stay positive and keep trying, no matter what!

The books were designed for ages 4-9. If reading independently, the recommended ages are 6-9, but the stories could certainly be read by a younger age, with help, and an older audience will find the stories engaging as well. The artwork itself tells a story all its own…a story within a story. 

Details About the Series:

  • Life Lessons – each story has its own life lesson for positive social development, respect for one another, animals, and community
  • Words to Know – provided at the beginning of each story (for better understanding of meaning)
  • Essential Questions – provided at the beginning of each story to help children with critical thinking
  • Comprehension Questions – provided at the end of each story for recall and comprehension
  • Larger print font, more like handwriting taught in school – easier to read and avoids letter variance confusion
  • Stories are short to hold the attention of young readers; this builds confidence and provides a feeling of accomplishment

The beautiful illustrations are hand-drawn/painted, the traditional way. Although they are colorful, they are not distracting to deter from the overall meaning of the story; this is what the illustrators and I want young readers to learn and remember. We feel this sets a good foundation for developing creative thinking. However, the illustrations DO have a story to tell all their own…beyond the written story. Look for the additional picture story at the end of each book.

Why did you write the series and how are the books educational for children? I wrote The Pom Tales Series for a number of reasons. First, I wanted to express my love for this wonderful little breed, while at the same time educate children about important life lessons that coincide with the adventures of the characters, and to help to raise money for canine charities. Each story has a message to help build good character, whether it be always telling the truth, learning from one’s mistakes, or respecting police officers. Reading for meaning and learning is emphasized.

Not only does each story teach a necessary life lesson, but it also connects the reader to the main character. In my personal experience as a parent of two active children, and as an educator, I have found connecting characters to children (and young adults) in some way is not only beneficial, but essential to the overall learning process.

***For every book sold, 10% of the proceeds is being donated to the American Pomeranian Club to support its shelter and for health research and 10% of the proceeds is being donated to the American Kennel Club Reunite Program, Canine Support and Relief Fund, to aid and support canine search and rescue teams.

Where are the books available? The books will be available via most major distributors and can be purchased wherever books are sold. If not currently in your local bookstore, please ask to have a copy ordered for you.

(Available in hardcover, softcover, ebook, book/plush combo, and a special edition)


Thank Goodness for Police Officers! – Theo Gets Lost (Coming Soon in 2019)

Sneaky Sasha (Coming Soon in 2019)

Pomeranian RV Fun (Coming Soon in 2019)

A Pomeranian Christmas Surprise in North Carolina (Coming Soon in 2019)

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