The Pom Tales Series

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*20% of proceeds is being donated to canine charities. Thank you for your support! 

A Pomeranian Christmas Surprise in North Carolina is in the works, with a release date in November. We are very excited about this beautiful Christmas book! The wonderful story is uplifting and the illustrations are just wonderful…and it celebrates our favorite time of the year — Christmas. Below is a sneak peek at some of the gorgeous artwork. Pre-orders are available, so feel free to contact us anytime.

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The second book in The Pom Tales series, Thank Goodness for Police Officers – Theo Gets Lost, released May, 2019.

The Pom Tales copyright© Series are light, educational, age appropriate stories about the adventures of Pomeranians. They are not only entertaining, but they are designed to teach necessary life lessons and hold the attention of young readers.   

Details About the Series:

  • Designed for ages 4-9; perfect size for small hands – 8.5″ x 8.5″
  • Life Lesson – each story has its own life lesson for positive social development, respect for one another, animals, and community
  • Organized, simplistic, and high-contrast color is used for better readability (i.e. white background, black, large font size lettering)
  • Words to Know – provided at the beginning of each story (for better understanding of meaning); Essential Questions – provided at the beginning of each story to help children with critical thinking; Comprehension Questions – provided at the end of each story for recall and comprehension
  • Author and illustrators have advanced degrees and are all educators

The beautiful illustrations are hand-drawn/painted, the traditional way. The illustrations  have a story to tell all their own…beyond the written story. Look for the additional picture story at the end of each book.

Where are the books available? The books can be purchased wherever books are sold. If not currently in your local bookstore, please ask to have a copy ordered for you.


Zip’s First Dog Show (released Feb., 2019)

Thank Goodness for Police Officers! – Theo Gets Lost (May, 2019)

A Pomeranian Christmas Surprise in North Carolina (Coming in November, 2019)

Pomeranian RV Fun (Coming Soon)

Sneaky Sasha (Coming Soon)



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